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A pairing recipe: Mab and Humbaba, a Fairy good match

A tart and earthy mix that is surprisingly refreshing.

This month we have been thinking about our Mab Muscadine Wine. At Dragonfire Meadery we are not only all about Dragons. We care about our Fairies too.

But first a little bit of history on this unique grape.

Mab is a unique wine made from Muscadine grapes. These grapes are native to the Southern states. Muscadines were the first native American grape to be cultivated. They are hardy and pest resistant.

Muscadine grapes on vine
Muscadine Grapes on vine- Photo by Carolyn Batz

American winemakers have used Muscadine as rootstock to help grow traditional varieties of grapes. This has allowed some of the more traditional wine grapes to be hardier.

The early settlers starting using Muscadine to make wines but it didn't taste like the traditional wines they were used to. So they ended up adding a lot sugar to improve the taste. Sometimes people find this wine too sweet.

At Dragonfire Meadery we do not add excess sugar so Mab is a bit dryer and earthier. Which we appreciate!

The Muscadine grape also is a very health grape. There has been research showing that Muscadine juice and wine may help improve cholesterol status, lower triglycerides, and prevent blood clotting.

Muscadine wine is also a great source of resveratrol, which is a potent antioxidant .Muscadine grapes contain more of this compound than other types of grapes, and some of the highest antioxidant levels among all fruits, which means that muscadine wine is likely richer in this antioxidant than other types.

So now that we know a little more about this grape we can get on to the fun part....

Drinking and eating!

You might be thinking, what kind of meal would Mab taste best with? Well since it has a different flavor profile than traditional wine it actually goes well with red meat, chicken, spiced meats, barbeque and so much more!

But let's talk about our beverage choice first.

Mab and Humbaba....we have been giving that a try over the last few days and let me tell you it is delightful.

A Dragon and Fairy....

Humbaba was and ancient dragon from 2000 BC. 

Humbaba resided in the cedar forest of the Amanus. Enlil, the great deity, appointed Humbaba as the benevolent guardian of nature and the forest. 

Humbaba was a nature spirit who assumed the shape of a dragon that spat fire.  His breath was like a hurricane and his voice, a storm

Mab - Fairy Queen of the Winter court. She is one of the most powerful fairies. She is as old if not older then Humbaba.

She is also a protector of nature and the fae realm.

She shows up in many historical and current literary pieces.

She is known more recently as an Unseelee fairy. She is associated with winter and the dark. However in older works she is known to be a midwife brining life into the world.

Now for the mix!

Here’s how to make this incredibly easy blend:


1-2 oz of Dragonfire Meadery Humbaba Cucumber and Lemon Mead


  1. Pour in about three ounces of wine into your favorite drinking vessel.

  2. Stir gently

Sip and enjoy!

At Dragonfire Meadery Mab is not just for drinking.

We recently had some delicious pulled pork for dinner. And used some Mab to make it more special.

Here's how we made it:

Here is what you need:

Pork Loin- shoulder or Boston Butt 5-7 lbs

Dry rub:

3 tablespoons paprika

1 tablespoon garlic powder

1 tablespoon brown sugar

1 tablespoon of your favorite herb blend ( I like Auntie Arwen's French Herb blend)

3 tablespoons coarse sea salt

2 cups Barbeque Sauce

Honestly I'm lazy so I use a premade BBQ sauce. So pick your favorite one and use that.

2-3 cups broth ( I use veggie but you can use what ever one you like )

1 teaspoon olive oil

1 Cup Mab Muscadine Wine

Here's what to do

First you want to mix the dry rub ingredients in a small to medium bowl.

Cut the pork into 2-3 inch cubes.

Start your Insta-pot on Saute- High setting. Add the olive oil to the pot.

Coat each piece of pork with the dry rub.

Once pot is up to temp put the pork in making sure each piece is touching the bottom of the pot.

Sear each side of the pork cubes, then remove to a plate.

Use some of the Mab to deglaze the pot and then add the pork back in.

Add the Broth and 1 cup of the bbq sauce to the pot.

Set Insta pot to Pressure Cook for 30 minutes.

Once the pork is cooked remove to a bowl. Take 2 forks and shred the pork pieces.

Add the rest of the BBQ Sauce and a little more of the Mab. Stir well. Enjoy!

We had this with baked potatoes- Putting pulled pork and some butter and cheese on the potatoes was definitely the way to go!

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