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Fafnir, mead, Dragonfire Meadery Coventry Ct

Traditional Mead (Sack) Semi-sweet.

This mead is an easy drinking mead which can be your go to drink for any occasion.

Ladon Apple Mead Dragonfire Meadery Coventry Connecticut


Apple Mead (Cyser) in a semi-sweet style.


This Mead is crisp and refreshing and will satisfy the most discerning of Mead drinkers. 



Dragonfire Meadery Weewillmekq Blueberry Mead Coventry CT
Blueberry Mead (Melomel) in a dry style.

This mead is fruity and robust and is similar to a complex red wine.
Dragonfire Meadery Masingi Mead Coventry CT

Out of stock

Dragonfire Meadery Gitaskog Maple Mead Coventry CT

Out of Stock

Dragonfire Meadery Coatl Mocha Mead Coventry CT

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Maple Vanilla Mead (Acerglyn) in a dry style.

Oak aged to give it  a wonderful subtle character with hints of vanilla and smokey oak.

The maple character of this mead is subtle because it is made with fresh maple sap instead of processed syrup.

Dragonfire Meadery Coventry CT Cranberry Mead

Cranberry Mead (Melomel) 

 in a semi dry style.

Tart and pleasing.

Pairs nicely with your holiday meals.

Muirdris Elderberry Mead Dragonfire Meadery Coventry CT
Muirdris Elderberry Mead Coventry Ct Dragonfire Meadery

Oak Aged 

Elderberry Mead (Melomel)

This rich flavorful mead has the feel of a nice red wine. 

The oak ageing adds a whole new dimension to the already rich flavors.



Ekhidna Raspberry Choclate mead Dragonfire Meadery Coventry CT

Raspberry Chocolate Mead


Tart raspberry with a rich chocolate finish, this mead is sure to excite  your taste buds

Humbaba Cucumber lemon mead Dragonfire Meadery Coventry CT
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