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Ladon Apple Mead Dragonfire Meadery Coventry Ct


Apple Mead - (Cyser) in a semi-sweet style.

This Mead is crisp and refreshing and will satisfy the most discerning of Mead drinkers. 

750 ml Bottles

Ladon is a river god of northeastern Arkadia in Southern Greece. Its roots going back to Mount Kyllene and flowing through the length of the country. Best known as the Dragon-serpent from the Greek mythos who was posted by Hera to protect the golden apples. The tree grew in the garden of the Hesperides located somewhere in the western corner of the world. It was said that Ladon watched over the golden apples without sleep and was known to assume the different tones of men.  Hercules later killed Ladon for the apples. In his agonizing death Hera took pity on her ever vigilant serpent and granted him a place in the heavens lying between the two bears in the great night sky. Stories said that his form is like a branch of a river which circles in wondrous ways, winding infinite around and about the heavens.   The great constellation Draco watches over us still.

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