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Dragonfire Meadery Coventry CT

The Mead Maker

Derek Batz - Owner/Head Mead maker

Dragonfire Meadery was born from a passion of making mead and enjoying it with family and friends. 


Derek Batz is the Owner and Head Meadmaker behind Dragonfire Meadery. Long before Derek had ever heard of mead, he was interested in winemaking, his first introduction to fermented drinks. Over the years, Derek dabbled, creating a few wines from kits to share with friends. Then in 2010, Derek found a mead making class. He decided to sign up out of curiosity - he had no idea what mead even was! It quickly became clear, though, that meadmaking was his true passion. Mead’s complex yet delicate taste, the meadmaker’s ability to create so many varieties and flavors, and the joy of the entire process had him hooked.


Derek began to share his test batches with friends and family, at first as a fun addition to gatherings. One of the best parts of crafting a drink is getting to bring people together to share it, after all! Soon, though, the folks who tried his mead were excited to try more. Then, they began encouraging Derek to pursue mead making professionally. 


Derek knew that making mead was his dream. With the support of his peers and loved ones, he looked into expanding his hobby into a true meadery, and decided to take the leap. In 2016, he created the Dragonfire Mead brand, and he opened the doors of Dragonfire Meadery for the first time in Hartford, CT. As the business grew and Derek built up the operation while refining his skills as a meadmaker, they eventually found and moved to Dragonfire Meadery’s current home in Coventry, Connecticut.


Now, Dragonfire Meadery is a place of creation for flavorful, beautifully crafted meads and wines. The mission of the meadery is to offer delectable drinks to the world to share in community and joy. Take a look around– pick out the meads you’re most excited about! Drop us a line or drop by in person to order some mead or just to tell us your thoughts. 


Whether you’re brand new to mead or a longtime connoisseur, we are thrilled to share the beverages of Dragonfire Meadery with you and all the people you can’t wait to raise a glass with!

The Artists:

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