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Dragonfire Meadery Gitaskog Maple vanilla mead coventry ct


Maple Mead (semi dry) Oak aged with vanilla beans and oak aged that has many of the same notes as a fine Whiskey but without the heat. This mead is made with maple sap giving it a subtle maple flavor balanced with the vanilla and toasted oak complexity.

Gitaskog from the Abenaki, is an underwater horned serpent, common to the legends of most Algonquian tribes. Gitaskog is said to lurk in lakes and eat humans. All of its names are variants on the meaning "great serpent" or "big serpent." Also known as "Champ" from Lake Champlain.

In Native American myths and legends, horned serpents are usually very supernatural in character-- possessing magical abilities such as shape-shifting, invisibility, or hypnotic powers; bestowing powerful medicine upon humans who defeat them or help them; controlling storms and weather, and so on-- and were venerated as gods or spirit beings in some tribes. And unlike other animals such as crocodiles and snakes, horned serpents are not included in common Woodland Indian folktales about the animal kingdom. So it is likely that horned serpents have always been viewed as mythological spirits, not as animals, and that belief in them was simply very widespread in the eastern part of the country. 

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