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Dragonfire Meadery Weewillmekq Blueberry mead Coventry Ct


Blueberry Mead (Melomel) semi dry 

This mead is fruity and robust and is similar to a red wine.

Story of the Weewillmekq:

There lived in a village many Indians. Among them were a handsome young man and a beautiful girl. She wanted the young man to marry her but he was preparing for the winter hunt and had no time for such a thing.


She being a great witch said, “You may go, but you will never return as you went.”


The boy paid no heed to her words and continued his preparations. Far away in the woods however he went raging mad. The witch had struck him with her magic. Into the woods with the boy went his brother, a great brave. Distraught at the sight of his brother he did the most desperate thing a Wabanaki Indian can do.


He went to the river, and sang the song of the Weewillmekq.

We que moh wee will l'mick,                  I call on the Weewillmekq

We que moh m'cha micso,                       I call on the Terrible One!

Som'awo wee will l'mick!                       On the one with the horns!

Cardup ke su m'so wo Sawo!”                I dare him to appear!


It came to him in all its terror, its eyes were like fire, its horns rose. It asked him what he wanted. He said that he wished his brother to be in his right mind again. I will give you what you want said the Weewillmekq', if you are not afraid.”


I am not afraid of anything, said the Indian. Not of you nor of Mitche-hant, the devil himself.


“If you dare take me by the horns and scrape some off with your knife and you may have your wish.”


Now this Indian was indeed as savage and brave as the devil and he had to be so to do this, for the Weewillmekq looked his very worst. The Indian did as he was told and took the scrapings back to his brother to give him half. Upon taking the horn mixed in water the brother immediately healed from his sickness. The other half was meant for another, she needed her medicine too.

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