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Dragonfire Meadery Masingi Coventry CT Mead


Red Tea Mead - semi sweet and made from our own blend of fruit flower petals and Roobious tea.

Story of Masingi:

Masingi was a great healer and it is said that he could bring anyone back to health.

Once when a man fell ill his family could do nothing for him and he could not even eat porridge. The man's wife sent her sons to visit Masingi and to ask for is help to heal her husband.


Those who visit Masingi have to sing to him for he lives deep down and can hear very little. So as each of the sons approached Masingi's lare he began to sing. Now Masingi was feared by all and few who request his help.


The youngest son was the only to master his fear and allow Masingi to slither up to his shoulders so he could bring Masingi to his father. With his bag of herbs and charms of healing, Masingi was able to heal the boys father with all the others from the village fearfully looking into the hut.

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