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Dragonfire Meadery Coatl Mocha mead coventry ct


Mocha Mead with a hint of cayenne. Coatl is a flavor forward mead and not for the faint of heart.

Story of Coatl:

Coatl or the plumed serpent, also refereed to as Quetzalcoatl.

Legend has it that when the creations of the world was finished, the gods and humans lived in harmony, everyone was happy except for the god Quetzalcoatl, who observed in anger as humans were subjugated by the other gods.  So he decided to adopt the human condition to share the knowledge and art that the deities possessed.

He seems to have been god of many things. He was a Creator god, the god of twins, the god of the Evening and Morning Star, protector of craftsman, a rain maker as well as a fire-bringer, and a teacher of the finer arts.

Often, he was seen soaring throughout the sky creating a rainbow.

The Quetzalcoatl was opposed to regular human sacrifices. So much so that when the god of war, Tezcatlipoca, appeared and asked for sacrifices, the Quetzalcoatl tried to dissuade others from agreeing to it. He failed, however, and decided to leave.

How and where the Quetzalcoatl left has a bit of mystery to it. There are different variations of this tale. In one version, it is said that he proceeded to the Gulf of Mexico and there burned his body. After which, he was reborn as the planet Venus.

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